Timothy is my name. This is my blog. Scooter Carrier. Because if there were a virus that made even do scoots on the floor, I would be the predominate carrier if this disease. I would gladly spread it around to all the workers and the corpsman and have everyone just learn about life and be better and be different. It could have been great. Ask me questions.

Are you aware that people link intelligence with insanity? Yes, I am. I don’t think that this sentence applies to me because I believe that I am smarter than insanity. I believe that if I started to show symptoms of this that would be able to recognize it and change it before it became a big deal. I believe a lot of people lack the mental fortitude to do things.

If you had a million dollars what would you do with it? – I would invest the whole million into a charity called the recurring shirt foundation. I would then go to this website called charitees, create this recurring shirt and then buy it with all of the million dollars in stock.I would then sell these shirts for the same price that I paid it for and then give all the money back to the donation which would then create more shirts until everyone in America always had a shirt with the paradox of it.

What’s your favorite holiday – I am a particularly happy fan of St.Patricks day, I like the idea that you could do a holiday where everyone just gets sloshed and hangs out today. It is my favorite holiday.

Favorite Tv Show – I haven’t watched tv since I was a boy. I choose to read literature instead and expand my brain through rigorous studies. Maintaining a high IQ is beyond most of you. But to answer your question, it would have to be Barney.

Have you ever been in a fight? – I have talked my way out of every bullying incident I’ve ever been a part of. Most of the time they came looking for blood and left in a pile of self-defeat and existential crisis. You can’t fight what’s nothing there. So how could I fight back when all I see in front of me is the sad excuse for a failed father and a cheating mother. Nobody likes that person, and nobody cares because they’re nothing. Then they usually run away and cry and tell me or something like that.