Timothy McCool


Hello again, you know me by now, but you might not know how this site works. You ask me questions. I answer them with my genius brain. I was gifted from birth and ever since birth I have given that gift back to people who requested it. I work hard, and I play hard, just like Gandhi.

What is your favorite color? I do not have a favorite colo through I am fond of fluorescent pink and hanging out with my friends in neon colors. I like people to associate me with a computer or something smarter than them, and I think future tech clothing will be here soon, so I want the transition to be as natural as possible!

Name an obscure company that you are researching? J&J Davis plumbing, I have been looking into local plumbing companies lately to see what they have to offer and all that. While I usually dig it, I think it is super interesting to read what there ‘lowly’ people right. However, it is nice, like ant literature.

What was your favorite Halloween costume? I once went all out to play the DJ from the movie Zoolander. I even went as far as to grow my hair out and to use hair extensions to give off the appearance of a full head of hair. To make this happen, I used this local company called Aqua Hair Extensions and brought out all the colors and worked my butt off to pull it out, even got the fake eye and everything. Needless to say, there was no Hansel, only Zoolander at the party so we did not mesh that well.

How long did it take you to grow your hair out? I am currently bald, but it used to take me two years to grow my hair to ear level and have it look full like other peoples hair. I do many parties on the weekends.

What ever happened to the lost cosmonauts? The Lost Cosmonauts is just a theory. However, the idea that the space race was not as violent as it has been presented in the media is a very common misunderstanding by most of the general public. One of the most famous sets of stories to come from this is the lost cosmonauts. Some say there were several cosmonauts who were launched into space and had trouble either re-entering or leaving in the first spot and have either burned up in orbit or bounced off of our atmosphere and into deepspace.

Would you tell me a story? I will tell you the story of the lost cosmonaut who was hoping to serve his country better but made a fatal error on re-entry and instead spiked his landing and landed in the ocean! However, his older brother made a similar mistake and instead got shot off into deep space.