Doot Man

My name is no longer Timothy. I choose to be Doyle. I wish to become dumb now. You may still ask me a question, and I shall bestow upon you great wisdom. But I wish to be myself now, and I will no longer try to be smart. I will just truly become smart.

Have you ever considered Law – I have not considered going into Law. If I wanted to spend the rest of my life arguing about things that don’t matter, I would become a politician. We are all going to be children of the void in time and to dispute about stupid, petty, and physical belongings are just silly.

Where are your parents – They’ve moved north somewhere. I know my father has moved from landscaping to construction. He now works for a lovely company called Acamas civil engineering, in the geotechnical engineering department and he’s very happy. My mother has left the gardening route and now sits at home all day just hanging out and being her. I’m happy for them. I only wish that I was able to be happy with myself of course.

Where are you going right now – I’m not going anywhere I suppose. We’re all hurtling to something but for right now I’m sitting in a café drinking hot coffee, two sugars because I like the sweetness. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got two tickets to dumb town, and I wish to be the mayor with me and myself if this is one of those trick questions. Though if I’m trying to be dumb, I suppose I wouldn’t be able to get that.

Lefty or righty – I’m a righty, but I’m trying to write with my left hand so that my handwriting appears dumber. If I can be perceived as being dumb then maybe I will be able to be dumber by proxy which is really what I’m trying to do. Like and stuff. Better? Someone give me some feedback or don’t. I am confused.

Are you a computer – If I used to be a computer then I am hoping to become an abacus. Misunderstood and still highly functional in today’s society. IF you ever diss the abacus you can have a word with me because for several hundred years it was the best way to hold large amounts of numbers and figures and no matter how hard it tries it will never truly be able to change!