Two many timothy

My name is Timothy; I am a special person. I am more special than most people on this planet, and I’m not ashamed of my talents. This is my blog. I take questions from normies like you, and I let them sit right here amongst the clouds. If you would like to contact me, find my contact page. Then you may ask me one question.

Have you ever come close to dying? Yes, I came close to dying once. Back when I was young and we were on vacation in Florida. I remember very little. Being in the water, unable to breathe. Waking up and I couldn’t move my head. All I could do was stare at this metal plate next to me and underneath I could barely make out the inscription. Marina Medical. Changed my life.

What’s your favorite smell? Lychee and Mangoes. There’s a guy that I met once named Robert; he would always vape, and it smelled like cotton candy at first and then I realized that it was lychee and mangoes. Those two in combination is a delicious smell, and I would love to have that smell around me forever.

Are you Immortal? No.

What do you listen to? I listen to a lot of reggae. I believe Bob Marley truly was the lion among men, and it was a fantastic presence to witness. I never actually met the Marley man, but I feel like I know him purely because of the music that I listen to. It’s always this transcendental experience.

Favorite kind of ice cream? Rum raisin. Just kidding, raisins are gross. I love strawberry sorbet, gelato, or Italian ice. Ice cream is without a doubt my least favorite of the iced delicious treats department. I remember there was this place called roses that made Italian ices when I was visiting in Florida. You know before my loss of time. When I passed out and worked up in the hospital, I mean.

Trump or Hillary? I would rather vote for the skin on the back of a turtle than vote for Hillary or Trump. My vote firmly goes with Jill Stein. But if she’s not allowed on the ballot then I will vote for Gary Johnson. Anyone but the establishment right now. America needs an emergency switch off all political parties and leaders.

If you have any questions. Seek the truth yourself.