My name is Timothy. Welcome back to my website. Welcome to the site that I have created. In a way, I am dr.frankenstein, the creator of this website. I do not doubt that this site will destroy me. People ask me questions, and I answer them. I answer questions asked of me as you are the ones to do the asking.

Do you speak any different languages? No, the English language is a difficult one to master, and I am far from finishing my tenure for this language. Maybe one day when I feel like I have truly become a great English speaker I will but until then I must remain true to the language I was raised in. I can say ‘pass the cheese’ in French, however.

What did you want to be growing up? I wanted to be a thief I suppose. I loved locks, and I got pretty good at picking locks all the time. I would call up random stores like Texas and Cincinnati Locksmith to see if I could test them. It wasn’t until I played a little ‘game’ with them that my parents put an end to it. Not long after the government recruited me into a super secret organization that I can’t tell you about.

6What do you like to wear? I usually wear shorts and a tank top. I don’t like the way clothes feel on my skin, and I think that all clothes are slavery. I only wear clothes because of its’ socially acceptable, but I very much advocate for a naked society. I think it would be better for science and promote a truer better culture than we had before.

Have you ever broken a bone? I tripped once and broke all of my front teeth on the knee of a camel. While it isn’t a bone exactly, it hurt a lot, and I was never the same after that moment. I had to spend a week in the hospital and sedated because the moans of pain that I felt were far too manly for any one person to hear. So they had to shut me up.

Have you ever worn braces? Despite the last revelation, no. My teeth grew in perfectly, and I’ve won numerous awards for having the best teeth in the whole universe. Even Zeus himself is envious of my otherworldly teeth. Sometimes I look in the mirror, and I ask myself “Tim. Why you so perfect?” I flub it to remind myself that I’m human.