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My name is Timothy. This is my blog; these are questions asked from people like you to a person like me. I’m once in a generation. I know more than anyone on most things. This is my word. Welcome to my life.

Where did you Grow Up? I grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We had long winters and short summers. I don’t remember the exact date in which we moved, but we had been there for a very long time. I had no siblings, just my parents and me.

Who were your Parents? My parents were both gardeners; my mother was a gardener for shows and a landscape consultant for people who want upscale lawns. My father, however, was more of the salesperson type and worked closer to the ground. He worked for a company called Green Thumb Landscaping. They were really happy together.

When did you realize you were so smart? I realized I was smart when I went to class, enjoyed myself but felt unchallenged. My parents realized I was smart when I tweaked my mom’s design to complement better the golden ratio she kept striving for.

How come the sun stays out for so long? The real question is why do we hide from the sun for so long. Contrary to everything else in the world the sun has no dark side until the end of its life when it becomes pure darkness. But based on the ever elongating day time and the poor reflective properties of certain ozone based layers, the sun stays out for a total of roughly 10-14 hours depending on your location. If you want, you could sacrifice a small animal to it to see if it would stay away from a little longer like some earlier heliocentric cultures tried.

Who is smarter you are Hawkings? Dave Hawkings? Yes. Stephen Hawkings? No, nobody is smarter than Hawkings, not even Hawkings, the guy cripples under the weight of his intelligence sometimes. Just sinking farther into his chair due to his extremely heavy brain. I don’t know if I will ever be as smart as him but I will always have legs, and that’s important to me. If you haven’t seen the amazing portrayal by Eddie Redmayne, they capture just how truly brilliant was regarding what his true weight of his genius was even back when nobody knew anything about anyone, not even coffee creamer.