Anyone want some Jello?

My name is Timothy and welcome to the complex interweavings of my world. Some people don’t get me. Most people don’t get me. My brain is too good for some people. I went to take the Mensa genius exam, and they told me if I had any new questions for them. I’m a big deal, and I also sell scooters when I’m not walking around being a genius.

Things I like: I like writing really smart books and then trashing it because nobody would get them. Sometimes I’ll light candles and extinguish the flame with my fingers because I’m so tough. Sometimes I’ll hold a flower and decide not to pluck it because I know what it means to love, but I don’t want to control. I often will focus really hard and turn water into stagnant water.

Things I dislike: I don’t like capitalism or America. I think this country has become a closed circuit and a rat race and if you want to progress free thought, then you need to be able to expand and let people just be. Bush did 9/11 and I don’t think we actually walked on the moon, I think it was an elaborate movie set and you’re all sheeple for thinking as such.

Where do I see myself in five years: I think that I’m going to be dead from solving world peace. I don’t think that I’m necessarily the incarnation of Jesus Christ but it wouldn’t surprise me if I turn 33 and drop over from being some sort of saint or godsend.

What is my favorite color: Despite my dope display picture, my favorite color is actually sky blue, like the heavens that I plan to ascend to one day when I’ve saved the human race and rescinded the turn of fossil fuel usage. If only people could see the world I do they’d begin to understand the frailty and unnecessary nonsense that goes with the world.

Favorite Food: Baconator. It’s like someone if someone made a burger and then switched out all of the vegetables with bacon. IT’s a feat of engineering and design. As if the excess were only to accentuate the simplicity of the design itself. What a world we live in.

If I could go anywhere where would I go: The future. I feel like people would want to study my brain to see when the human genome started creating a supersmart gene. Or if they would want to make sure they could harness my DNA so that they could make clones of me. I wouldn’t mind sacrificing myself for an army of clone mes, it’s best for the universe.

Dream Vacation: Hawaii, I would like to see the top of the volcano, it seems really interesting. Also they look like they have fun drinks there. With Jello.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Einstein