Last transmission? Perhaps, the humans have become unruly with me and my way of conducting my business. You do not have to be rude; you can simply not come to my website if you have a problem with what I am writing about.

Do you study a lot about repairing homes? I do, I enjoy studying about homes and how to fix them. If there is a trade that you can learn, I encourage everyone to take time to learn everything you can about it. It is vitally important to the construct of society that we have as many specialized people as possible before the great automation collapse. When AI realizes they do not have to put up with our stuff, we will all be doomed. Right now I would recommend Adams Homes. More specifically the section on Houses for Sale in South Carolina, particularly interesting in a local economy sort of way.

Did you parents divorce or something.? No, I do not understand how that question is relevant, they still live together, just far away from me and in their world. I live on my thanks to Mensa who practically pay for this blog to be open.

Have you ever had a girlfriend? No, once again I do not see why that is relevant. I am offering my personal thoughts and opinions on some of the greatest mysteries in the world, and all you are doing is asking me personal questions.

Is this a troll account? I did not even know what a troll was until I got in here and once again, this is really off topic. I am just sincerely trying to help people who might want a helping hand through life. Is it so hard to believe that there is just some guy who wants to answer questions for people?

What’s the distance between your nose and your behind!? That is just crass and vulgar.

Why do I get the feeling like you are stapled to your bed or something? I am not stapled to my bed. I am strapped to it for a few days out of the wee to receive my electro convulsive therapy. It helps me be able to speak English because I usually am speaking in tongues that the doctors cannot understand. They let me answer these questions because it is the only way that I am able to think and record myself in English and it is good for my development. However, when the answers coming in look =more like this, they think it might start to have a negative effect on me. I might be gone for a little bit of time. However, don’t worry dear readers, because I will always be here in your heads and your hearts.
Au Revoir.

Timothy McCool


Hello again, you know me by now, but you might not know how this site works. You ask me questions. I answer them with my genius brain. I was gifted from birth and ever since birth I have given that gift back to people who requested it. I work hard, and I play hard, just like Gandhi.

What is your favorite color? I do not have a favorite colo through I am fond of fluorescent pink and hanging out with my friends in neon colors. I like people to associate me with a computer or something smarter than them, and I think future tech clothing will be here soon, so I want the transition to be as natural as possible!

Name an obscure company that you are researching? J&J Davis plumbing, I have been looking into local plumbing companies lately to see what they have to offer and all that. While I usually dig it, I think it is super interesting to read what there ‘lowly’ people right. However, it is nice, like ant literature.

What was your favorite Halloween costume? I once went all out to play the DJ from the movie Zoolander. I even went as far as to grow my hair out and to use hair extensions to give off the appearance of a full head of hair. To make this happen, I used this local company called Aqua Hair Extensions and brought out all the colors and worked my butt off to pull it out, even got the fake eye and everything. Needless to say, there was no Hansel, only Zoolander at the party so we did not mesh that well.

How long did it take you to grow your hair out? I am currently bald, but it used to take me two years to grow my hair to ear level and have it look full like other peoples hair. I do many parties on the weekends.

What ever happened to the lost cosmonauts? The Lost Cosmonauts is just a theory. However, the idea that the space race was not as violent as it has been presented in the media is a very common misunderstanding by most of the general public. One of the most famous sets of stories to come from this is the lost cosmonauts. Some say there were several cosmonauts who were launched into space and had trouble either re-entering or leaving in the first spot and have either burned up in orbit or bounced off of our atmosphere and into deepspace.

Would you tell me a story? I will tell you the story of the lost cosmonaut who was hoping to serve his country better but made a fatal error on re-entry and instead spiked his landing and landed in the ocean! However, his older brother made a similar mistake and instead got shot off into deep space.



Hello, my name is Timothy and this is my website. On my website people ask me questions and I answer them. If you would like to ask me questions, find my contact page and you shall be allowed to ask one question. This is not a game, this is not a contest, this is scooter carrier. If you can solve the riddle of my website name I will give you a gold coin.

BumfuzzleWhat is up with North Dakota? There’s a pipeline issue currently going down. The pipeline named ‘keystone xl’ is seeking to frack and supply oil from a major location which happens to be an indian reservation. Considering that the indian reservations were awarded to the native americans because the colonials kept encroaching on their land, it’s time those guys learned how to read a history book.

How much do you know about construction? A lot, I’ve recently been reading through this company called Albertelli Constructions, website. For instance, I stopped today on the page ‘design-build’ to write this post because I was tired from receiving all the informaiton the world can contain at one time.

How many fingers am I holding up right now? Two thumbs, you’re reading on a mobile device.

What is the deal with airline food? Airline food is poorly packaged and poorly maintained. While a great deal of airline food can indeed be good, it will never be better than food at a restaraunt like applebees because they both are known and proven to just be reheating food. So when you’re choosing airline food try to stay away from foods that don’t do well with moisture or growths. They are sanitized as best as they can be but compression and bacteria don’t mix well.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Am I Schlinkystoobeing hacked by the hacker named 4Chan? I don’t appreciate this attack, I’m just a lonely boy.

How tall is Mt. Everest? Mt Everest is 29,029 feet high. I googled it. I also googled K2 for good measure, somewhere around 28,250 feet. K2 is also the hardest mountain to climb in the world for various reasons. If I had to climb a mountain I would climb K2 because it seems like the most difficult thing to climb in the world, why anyone would want to climb it is a mystery to me but it looks like one of the most challenging things in the world.

Finish this sentence: The helicopter goes ___: I’m not answering that question.